Milk Price: Sanchi increased the price of milk, for the second time in two months the general public was shocked. Sanchi increased the price of milk, for the second time in two months, the general public was shocked

sanchi milk price hike

Milk Price : Even before the start of the new year, once again the pocket of the general public has been hit. It is being told that the Bhopal Milk Cooperative Union has given another blow to the people of inflation. In fact, Sanchi milk has increased its price by up to Rs 2 per litre. The new rates will be implemented from Sunday morning. After the price hike, Sanchi’s Diamond brand milk will be available for Rs 35 instead of Rs 32 for a 500 ml pack.

At the same time, instead of Rs 64 for 1 liter of milk, now Rs 66 will have to be paid. Apart from this, the price of 1 liter pack for gold variant milk has been increased to Rs 63. Earlier it was available for Rs.61. Let us tell you that 2 months ago, Sanchi shocked the customers by increasing the price.

At the same time, once again there has been a blow on the pocket of the general public. At present, this milk will be found expensive in Sehore, Vidisha, Betul, Raisen, Harda, Narmadapuram and Rajgarh. According to the information, Bhopal Milk Union sells three lakh 25 thousand liters of milk in 9 districts with four variants of milk. But now its price is continuously increasing. In such a situation, people are constantly being hit by inflation.

price of milk

  • Diamond milk – 500 ml – 32 — 33
  • Full Cream (Gold) – 500 ml – 31 – 32
  • Full Cream (Gold) – 1 liter – 61 – 63
  • Standard Milk (Shakti) – 500 ml – 28 – 29
  • Toned milk fresh – 500 ml – 25 – 26
  • Double Toned Milk (Smart) – 500 ml – 23 – 24
  • Chai special milk – 1 liter – 49 – 51
  • Desire milk – one liter – 54 – 56

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