Meeting of Collectors and Superintendents of Police of border districts in the presence of Governors, read full news

Balaghat News: A meeting of the border districts of both the states was organized in the presence of Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel and Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari at Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Vidarbha Administrative and Development Training Prabodhini in Amravati, Maharashtra State. In which Collector and Superintendent of Police of Balaghat, Seoni, Chhindwara, Betul, Burhanpur, Khandwa of Madhya Pradesh and Amravati, Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia, Buldhana districts of Maharashtra were present.

Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel said that mutual discussion between the administration of both the sides is necessary to solve the problems of the border districts. This meeting has been organized as per the suggestion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He expressed confidence that the officials of both the states will discuss and inform the state government to solve the problem which is worth solving at the state level and its solution will be found in a similar coordination meeting. He said that in times of disaster as well as flood situation, it is necessary to get early warning from each other. Every district should implement such coordination system. He also suggested that some important projects like stork conservation activities can be implemented in coordination in Balaghat, Gondia, Bhandara districts. Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari said in the meeting that there is good coordination between the local administration in all the districts in the border areas of the states of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

He instructed to make concerted efforts to expand and strengthen it. He said that the border issues of both the states should be resolved amicably. For this, constant coordination should be maintained. Issues relating to flood situation and irrigation projects at the local level, measures should be planned and resolved in coordination. To solve the problem of migrant laborers, their record should be made and regularized by making a special app so that their information can be shared with the administration in both the states. He said that to stop illegal cattle smuggling, human trafficking, illegal mineral mining and transportation, smuggling of illegal weapons, gutkha, liquor etc., adequate police force should be deployed at the border outposts and the security system should be strengthened. Along with this, CCTV system should be installed there and strict monitoring should be done. He said that the police of both the states should coordinate and launch a campaign to end Naxalite activities.

Action will be taken against the contractors who take the workers

Balaghat Collector Dr. Girish Kumar Mishra said that in the meeting, discussions were held regarding providing relief to the people of the neighboring state in the relief cases of RBC-6-4 in the event of natural calamity. It has been decided to prepare the data of migrant people in both the states, prepare a list of contractors who take laborers from the districts of Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra and take strict action against such unregistered contractors. It was informed in the meeting that government buses coming from Maharashtra state to Madhya Pradesh are not given space to stop at the bus stand. It was decided to solve this problem quickly. It was decided to hold a joint meeting with the Gondia Collector regarding the PESA Act. It was decided to construct anicut in Lanji and work on stork conservation project in collaboration with Gondia and Bhandara districts.

Balaghat district praised for killing 06 Naxalites in a year

Superintendent of Police Sameer Saurabh told in the meeting that 06 Naxalites have been killed in the year 2022 in Balaghat district due to good inter-state coordination. In the meeting, Balaghat district was praised for this and it was expected that such good coordination would be maintained in future also. Gondia Superintendent of Police told to keep sufficient force in Murkuttu camp. On this, Superintendent of Police Balaghat told that Hawk force personnel have been deployed in Murkuttu camp and there will be no shortage of necessary force in future also. Stopping smuggling and illegal transportation of cattle was also discussed in the meeting and it was agreed in both the states that intensive monitoring would be done in the border areas and strict action would be taken against those involved in this business. If necessary, action will also be taken against the operators of nearby slaughter houses. It was decided in the meeting that the list of district Badar, property related and other criminals would be shared between the two states. It was also decided in the meeting that continuous joint operations would be carried out by the police of both the states and the border districts would not be allowed to become shelters for Naxalites and criminals.

These people attended the meeting

In the meeting, Principal Secretary to the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, D.B. Ahuja, Principal Secretary to Maharashtra Governor Santosh Kumar, Joint Secretary Shweta Singhal, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Dilip Pandharpatte, Balaghat Collector Dr. Girish Kumar Mishra, Superintendent of Police Sameer Saurabh, Seoni Collector Rahul Haridas Phatting, Chhindwara Collector Sheetla Patle, Betul Collector Amanbir Singh Bais , Burhanpur Collector Bhavya Mittal, Khandwa Collector Anup Kumar Singh, Amravati Collector Pawneet Kaur, Bhandara Collector Yogesh Kumbhejkar, Gondia Collector Chinmay Gotmare, Buldhana Collector Dr.H.P. Tummod, Additional Collector of Nagpur Asha Pathan, Collectors of all districts, Superintendents of Police etc. were present. On this occasion, the Amravati district administration presented a replica of a bullock cart made by the inmates of Amravati jail to both the governors. The program was coordinated by Pankaj Shirbhate, Assistant Professor, Prabodhini.
Sunil Kore’s report from Balaghat

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