Married woman troubled by mischief reached SP office, demanded action against miscreant

Vidisha News: The morale of the miscreants in Vidisha has become so high that they are not afraid of the police at all. Now they are openly seen molesting women and girls. Day or night, these miscreants have increased so much that apart from molesting the women on the way, they are also fighting with the family members after reaching their homes. Fed up with this, a woman has reached the SP office with a complaint.

Troubled by the molestation of a woman, she has reached the Superintendent of Police with her complaint. While giving a complaint application, the woman said that a young man named Ajay Valmiki is continuously harassing her and her family. The victim has demanded strictest action against the youth. Giving information, the woman said that the young man used to molest and misbehave with her. Not only this, now he is troubling her even after coming home. The woman had complained about him at the Kotwali police station after which the police arrested him. After being released from arrest, he has again started harassing the woman.

The victim said in her application that the youth reached home last night and after misbehaving with the woman and her sister-in-law here, he assaulted the family members. The victim reached the Kotwali police station along with the family to complain but the police did not take any action. After this, troubled by the miscreant’s harassment and police’s attitude, the victim reached the Superintendent of Police’s office and lodged her written complaint. The woman says that strict action should be taken against the miscreant.

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