Marriages are breaking due to flies, the administration also raised its hands

Marriages are breaking due to flies : You must have heard many reasons for not getting married or breaking marriage, but have you ever heard that someone’s marriage can be broken by flies. It may sound strange, but this is happening in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. Flies have spread such terror in some villages of the district that some girls have returned to their maternal homes and have clearly said that either their husbands should leave the village or they should leave. At the same time, no other girl is ready to marry in this village.

terror of the flies

In SS Rajamouli’s film Makkhi, we saw how this little creature ruined Sudeep’s life. But something similar is actually happening in about ten villages of Hardoi district. Here the people of Kuiyan, Patti, Dahi, Salempur, Fattepur, Jhalpurwa, Nayagaon, Deoria and Ekghara villages are troubled by the flies, but the maximum panic has been created in Badhaiyanpurwa village. Because of the flies, it has become difficult for the people to eat, drink, bathe and sleep. The condition is that now the villagers have sat on an indefinite dharna outside the village regarding this problem. These people come to sit on dharna after completing their work till noon.

The problem started after the opening of the poultry form

According to the information, in the year 2014, a commercial layers form ie poultry form was opened here. After some time the population of flies started increasing. Today the situation is such that there have been hundreds of flies here and they have made life difficult for the villagers. For this reason, in the last one year, about 6 daughters-in-law of this village returned to their maternal homes. At the same time, no one else got married here in the last one year. Along with Badhaiyanpurwa, the condition is also bad in Deoria and Ekghara villages. The administration says that they have also set up camps and tried several times to get rid of the flies, but to no avail. The menace of flies is the same and now it has started becoming the reason for breaking of marriages of people.

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