Manish Tiwari gives adjournment notice on China border dispute amid demand of JPC on Adani

New Delhi:
Congress MP Manish Tewari on Friday moved an adjournment notice in the Lok Sabha on the China border dispute issue amid demands for a joint parliamentary committee probe into allegations of fraud and stock manipulation against the Adani group.

In the notice, he said, since April 2020, China is continuously engaged in grabbing our land. Seventeen rounds of commander-level talks have been held between India and China till January 16, 2023, with little success.

So far China continues to build critical infrastructure including bridges, roads and housing for its troops. China is trying to unilaterally change the status quo.

The clashes in Tawang sector in Arunachal Pradesh were another sign of Chinese aggression aimed at changing the status quo on the border. Such aggression is no longer confined to the territorial realm, as evidenced by the clashes in 2016.

He said there is growing concern that China is unwilling to restore the status quo ante, a situation which puts India at a huge disadvantage.

Despite this, he said, China’s large trade surplus with us has continued to grow since the military confrontation began in 2020. The trade deficit for India is USD 101.02 billion.

Tiwari said in the notice, “I urge the government to take this matter with utmost seriousness and hold a detailed discussion in Parliament regarding the border situation with China.” I request permission to raise this matter.

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