Mandsaur: There was a stir after getting 13 patients of scrub typhus in 15 days

Mandsaur: There was a stir after getting 13 patients of scrub typhus in 15 days

Mandsaur, Desk Report. In Mandsaur district, in the last 15 days, the health department has come on high alert mode after 13 patients of deadly scrub typhus reported positive. It is being told that more than 150 patients are being treated in 10 big private hospitals of the city. There is panic among people about the deadly scrub typhus after the patient comes to the fore.

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Significantly, scrub typhus is caused by flea bites, these fleas reach the homes of humans by sticking to the rats. As soon as fleas bite humans, the bacteria present in their saliva (Ricticia susugamushi) spreads into the blood. Due to this, many types of infections start in the liver, brain and lungs. It is identified by looking at the bite mark. Along with itching at the site of the bite, there is a rash which turns into discomfort after some time.

It is being told that in the travel history of positive patients who came to the fore in the district, it was revealed that the patients had returned from outside. Survey has been done in the houses around them. However, no positive came out. According to the experts, the farmers in the district are more prone to this disease, because there is an abundance of rats in the fields and houses of the area areas. In such a situation, farmers come in contact with fleas sticking on these rats and become victims of scrub typhus. It is being advised to go, the same appeal is being made not to panic if you are suffering from the disease. Along with this, medicines are being sprayed in the houses adjoining the fields or on those establishments where patients have been found.

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