Mandsaur police arrested the accused husband, got bitten by a snake to kill his wife, read full news. Mandsaur police arrested accused husband, who got bitten by a snake to kill his wife

Mandsaur News : Mandsaur Police of Madhya Pradesh has got great success. The police have arrested the husband who wanted to kill his wife. The police had also kept a reward of Rs 5,000 for catching the accused husband. After which, on the information of the informer, the police raided village Melankheda in Neemuch district and arrested the accused. Let us know what is the whole matter…

wife bitten by snake

Have you heard that a husband may wish to kill his wife by biting her with a snake. So yes, exactly the same thing happened with a woman whose husband brutally bit her with a snake but she was lucky enough to survive. After which he complained about it in the police station. Police started investigation on the complaint of the woman.

Wife filed a complaint

According to information received from Mandsaur YD Nagar police station, on May 8, 2022, complainant Halima Khan had written a report that her husband Mojim Ajmeri, brother-in-law Kala alias Manjoor, Ramesh, who lives in Neemuch, had tried to kill her. Two other people were also involved in this along with him. All of them together got him bitten by a snake. On the report of the complainant, crime no. 190/22 Section 307, 34, 120B of Bhadvi were upheld and taken into consideration.

YD Nagar TI gave information

At the same time, YD Nagar police station in-charge Jitendra Pathak took action in the matter. The accused kept absconding from his home and started working as a laborer in Rajasthan. All possible efforts were made to arrest him. After which, on the information of the informer, the accused was arrested by raiding the house of the accused in village Melankheda and after obtaining police remand from the court for questioning, inquiries are being made in relation to the other accused.

Kamlesh Sarda’s report from Mandsaur

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