Mahila Congress agitated over rising inflation. dabra news Mahila Congress agitated over rising inflation. dabra news

Dabra News: Inflation within the state has broken the back of the general public, from food items to gas cylinders, diesel and oil, inflation is continuously increasing. Due to the inflation due to which the general public is suffering, the budget of the women of the house has deteriorated. After inflation, there is no employment in the hands of the youth in this BJP government, after studying and writing, the youth is wandering in search of a government job with degrees in their hands. State President of District Rural Mahila Congress, Vibha Patel, expressed this statement among the women and Congress workers present during the formation of the executive committee of District Mahila Congress held at Radhakrishna Garden.

Telling the voter asked for votes for Congress

Taking a dig at the BJP government, State President Vibha Patel said that women are not safe in the state, the number of crimes against women is increasing. People who commit crimes are taking advantage of the broken law and order situation. He said that 2023 is about to come and from now on Congress workers and office bearers should go to their respective constituencies and tell the voter about the policy of Congress and ask for votes for Congress and explain to the people that the Congress government has to be brought in the state so that women as well as common people will be benefited. People can live peacefully.

State President Vibha Patel told the women present whether it is rural area or urban area, every woman has to discharge her responsibility, because only women can explain women well. He also told the office bearers to work in the field after taking the post, get more and more people to get party membership and make them understand that how safe the common man is in the Congress government..?

unemployment like cancer

Addressing the gathering, State Vice President of Mahila Congress and in-charge of Chambal division, Rashmi Pawar said that unemployment is increasing like cancer in our state and country. Every year lakhs of youth roam around in search of employment with degrees in hand and they do not get employment. Years have passed that the posts of those who have retired from government departments are still vacant. This is not the condition of a department of the state, he said that the head of the state government is just and only a announcer. Nothing on the ground.

Along with this, State Vice President of Mahila Congress, Rashmi Pawar Sharma said that this program has been mainly kept to strengthen women, in which appointment letters have been handed over to the women included in the executive, and she said that she will participate in the upcoming Vidhansabha 2023. The party will decide whether he will contest from Gwalior in the election or not and he will accept the decision of the party.
Arun Rajak’s report from Dabra

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