Mahakal Darshan is being planned in the new year, see here how is the arrangement. Ujjain

MP Tourism News: A large number of devotees reach Ujjain to visit Baba Mahakal. This year also lakhs of devotees will start their new year from the courtyard of Baba Mahakal. In view of the possibility of huge crowd, the arrangements for darshan have been changed once again. If you also want to visit Baba Mahakal in the new year, then definitely take information about the new darshan system.

The queue will start from here

In view of the crowd on Sunday and Monday, the decision has been taken by the Mahakal Temple Committee to set up a line of devotees from the Triveni Museum. Devotees will reach Nandi Gate via Triveni Museum and come to Ganesh Mandapam via Mansarovar via barricading. After this, while having darshan of Baba, the devotees will exit through the Pinaki gate built in Mahakal Lok.

According to the information given by the Mahakal Temple Committee, about 6 lakh devotees are expected to reach the temple due to Sunday and Monday. Changes have been made in the darshan system, as well as double demand for Laddu Prasadi has already been made. Orders have been issued by the committee to prepare 70 quintals of Prasadi for these two days.

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Will get darshan from Ganesh Mandapam

December 31 is a Saturday and the first day of the year is falling on a Sunday. Due to the weekend, there is a possibility of huge crowd in the temple. Along with making the darshan system easy for the devotees, arrangements for drinking water have also been made. According to the plan prepared so far, all the devotees will be given darshan of Baba Mahakal from Ganesh Mandapam itself.

access the protocol from here

Due to the large crowd, devotees will be able to enter the temple from Mahakal Lok only. Devotees will not be given entry in front of the big Ganesh temple and from the side of the administrator’s office. VIP devotees will be taken out from Begum Bagh and will be given entry into the temple from Bharat Mata Mandir and in front of the administrator’s office. Those devotees who want to have a quick darshan take a receipt of Rs.250. Taking entry from behind Mahakal police station, he will enter the temple through gate number 4 from the street near Bade Ganesh. Darshan receipt, Pandey Pujari and media will be given entry soon from number 4 gate.

Facilities for Devotees

In the new year, a large number of devotees will reach for Mahakal Darshan, in such a way, separate counters have been prepared for arrangement of drinking water and arrangement of keeping shoes and slippers along with toilet facility. A shoe counter with 10,000 bags has been made at the parking lot. For the convenience of the devotees, 10 police help centers have also been set up and the staff of the temple administration will also be stationed everywhere. The duty of some additional employees has also been specially imposed. From the point of view of security, 500 policemen will be deployed to manage the system and 350 policemen will be deployed for security. Monitoring will also be done through CCTV and drones.

parking system

Visitors coming from Indore and Dewas Road for Mahakal Darshan will be able to park their vehicles at Karkaraj parking after taking left turn from Hari Phatak Bridge. These devotees will be able to keep their shoes, slippers, mobiles and bags at the Triveni Museum near the facility center. After this Mahakal will go to Mansarovar gate while entering from Lok and exit from Pinaki gate while having darshan. Devotees who will come from Neemuch, Ratlam and Badnagar Road will park their vehicles at Kartik Mela Ground and reach Mansarovar Gate from Triveni Museum via Nandi Gate of Mahakal Lok and have darshan of Baba.

Laddu Prasadi Counter

It is estimated that about 70 quintals of Laddu Prasadi will be bought by the devotees in these two days. In view of the huge crowd, the prasad counter in the temple premises will be closed and two more prasad counters will be set up near Sapta Rishi in the parking lot including Nandi Dwar.

sanctum sanctorum closed

The pressure of the crowd is being seen in the temple since December 22, which is going to continue till the new year, that is why the entry to the sanctum sanctorum has been closed from December 24 to January 5. Only Panda priests will be able to enter the sanctum sanctorum and visitors will have darshan from the barricades. Along with entry into the sanctum sanctorum, online booking of Bhasma Aarti has also been blocked for December 31 and January 1. Devotees will have to take offline permission.

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