Madhya Pradesh may soon get the gift of Vande Bharat Express, preparations begin

Indore Madhya Pradesh Vande Bharat Express : In the new year, the Railway Board is going to give a big gift to Madhya Pradesh, this gift is going to be received in the form of two Vande Bharat Express trains, in fact this train is likely to start from Indore in January, for Indore-Jaipur and Indore-Jabalpur. Preparations are underway to run the train, it is expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can announce the date of commencement of the train for his visit to Indore.

This route is proposed

According to railway sources, the route of the Vande Bharat train between Indore and Jaipur will be Ujjain, the Vande Bharat train will run from Durgapura in Jaipur at 3.10 pm, it will reach Indore via Sawai Madhopur, Nagda, Ujjain at 12.15 pm, in return this train It will reach Durgapura (Jaipur) via Ujjain, Nagda, Sawai Madhopur at 5.50 am, this train will be run via Bhopal-Itarsi for Jabalpur.

Although the date is not fixed yet

The route of Vande Bharat train is proposed for Indore-Jaipur, Indore-Jabalpur, preparations have started in the state regarding this train, but for the time being we will have to wait for the announcement. The same railway department has complete preparations for the operation of the train.

This train is very special

Actually, Vande Bharat train is also very special in the sense that it has very modern facilities, which not only take the passengers to their destination quickly but also provide them with many facilities during the journey. While on one hand its speed makes it different from other trains, this train can run at a speed of 160-180 kmph, hence there is a lot of demand for this train across the country, Wi-Fi content on demand facility in Vande Bharat train Also provided is a 32-inch screen installed in each coach, which provides information and infotainment to the passengers, although the fare of this train is higher than other trains, but in terms of facilities and speed, passengers can enjoy it even after paying more fare. Ready to travel.

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