Locker weighing 8 quintals was stolen by breaking the shutter of bullion shop in Ashoknagar

Ashoknagar Theft in Jewelers Shop: A major incident of theft took place in Bahadurpur town of Ashoknagar district on the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday. Unidentified thieves broke open the shutter of a bullion shop near the bus stop of National Highway 346A without any fear, lifted the safe weighing 8 quintals kept inside and took it to the back yard 30 meters away from the shop. Where they broke open the doors of the vault and stole the cash, gold and silver jewelery kept inside. When the shop owner came to know about the incident in the morning, he informed the shopkeeper. After this the police arrived and started collecting clues. SDOP Devnarayan Yadav had reached the spot in the morning itself. After which fingerprint expert and sniffer dog were called.

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8 quintal weight vault protected with many locks and passwords

It has been told that Dharmendra Soni, a resident of Mungaoli, has a gold-silver shop in the name of Shyam Jewelers in Naya Bazar in Bahadurpur. He has taken a shop of Hamid Khan on rent. Dharmendra says that he went home after locking the shop as usual, as he commutes by bus. That’s why did not take material and cash. A vault weighing 8 quintals was kept in the shop, secured with many locks and passwords, and the location of the shop is such a place, from where the police station is just 100 meters away and there is always a lot of activity due to the bus stop.

jack up the shutter
The manner in which the thieves have executed the incident shows their professionalism. He raised the shutters with great force, then broke the shutters by using a power jack. After this, picked up the jewelery kept in the glass showcase inside and took away the safe. The two-and-a-half-inch-thick pans of the vault have also been broken with the help of a crowbar. Police suspect that he was armed with several types of weapons.

Entered the enclosure through the river, found empty packets one kilometer away
The empty packets of jewelery kept in the bullion shop were found in the bushes in front of the Tehsil building under construction in Khopra village, one kilometer away. When the sniffer dog was brought in, it reached the yard behind the shop and then crossed the fields behind and reached the Cathan River. Where after stopping for some time on the bridge, the dog reached Khopra village where empty packets of jewelery were scattered. Thieves also cut the wire fencing of three fields in the middle of the shop from the river.

Removed the wire of the camera, the incident was completed in an hour
Mahendra Gurjar’s shop is near Shyam Jewellers. After seeing the camera installed outside this shop, the thieves removed its wires. The number of thieves has been captured around seven-eight in the camera of a sweet store in front. According to the camera footage, the entire incident took place between 2:30 to 3:30. Meanwhile, no one even heard the sound of this vandalism.

Citizens raised questions on police patrolling
There have been sporadic incidents of theft in the town, but theft of around twenty lakhs has happened for the first time. After the incident, there is anger among the local citizens and shopkeepers. Citizens have raised questions on police patrolling. People said that the thieves were sure that they would keep vandalizing the main road for an hour and no one would come. While the police station is just 100 meters away from the scene of the incident. In this case, Bahadurpur police station in-charge Jang Bahadur Singh Tomar says that a major incident of theft on the main road is definitely a challenge for us. Police was patrolling. At that time there was a team at Bungalow Square. We are investigating closely with gathering information. Will try to reveal soon.

Hitendra Budholia’s report from Ashoknagar

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