Liquor license for Rs 500, Congress alleges ‘intention to ruin the public’

Liquor license in MP Rs 500 : Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has accused the Shivraj government of pushing him drunk. They have put the state government in the dock for the license of the Excise Department, in which a liquor party can be held at home by taking a license for Rs.500. Leader of the Opposition said that the state government has given free hand to drink liquor. The Bharatiya Janata Party has the intention of ruining the public by drowning the youth of the state in the intoxication of liquor.

Let us tell you that a new Excise Policy 2023-24 is being made in Madhya Pradesh and in the meantime, news came that the Excise Department is giving 3 types of licenses which include birthday, anniversary and marriage. For this only one 8 column form has to be filled and then you will get a license to have a liquor party at home. The Excise Department has given the facility to fill online license in FL-5 category. Apart from the house, license can also be taken for marriage garden, hall, and restaurant. License will be mandatory if there is more than 4 bottles of liquor in the house party. Online license will be available only for marriage, birthday and 3 categories and will be valid only for one day. 500 for house party license, 5000 for marriage garden and hall and 10000 for restaurant. Details have to be filled in 8 columns for the form. Regarding this, now Dr. Govind Singh has put the government in the dock and has condemned this decision.

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