LIC Scheme: LIC’s special scheme, will get 3 times more return, invest only Rs 110

LIC Scheme: LIC's special scheme, will get 3 times more return, invest only Rs 110

LIC Scheme:Life Insurance Corporation of India offers the facility of many policies. In which there is a great profit with guaranteed returns. Over the years, LIC has been a trusted investment platform for its customers. It also brings different schemes from time to time. If you are thinking of investing here, then we are going to tell you about a special policy, in which you get three times more return on investment.

get insurance cover

Not only this, insurance cover of Rs 4 lakh 80 thousand is available under SIIP. You can buy it in both online and offline mode. The matter of relief is that you do not need a demat account for this. The name of this scheme is Systematic Investment Insurance Plan (SIIP). This scheme matures in 21 years. Investors can pay the premium monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually.

this is the calculation

You have to invest 40 thousand rupees annually. Accordingly, about 110 rupees have to be invested every day. If you choose the half-yearly option, then you have to pay a premium of Rs 22000, quarterly Rs 12000 and monthly Rs 4000. After 21 years you get Rs 10,08,000. In this, you make a profit of Rs 35 lakh, which is three times more than the amount you deposited.

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