Leopard seen again in Damoh, forest staff active

Leopard seen again in Damoh : For the last few months in Damoh district, due to wild animals appearing in different areas, there is a lot of panic among the people. Something similar happened on Saturday also after which there has been a stir. After noon people saw a leopard on Pandari Salaiya road of Kumhari police station area, there was an uproar. Some people made a video of the leopard crossing the road, then the leopard also attacked a young man, after which a large number of people gathered. .

When the forest department was informed about this leopard, the forest department team reached the spot and started the search operation for the leopard. After the operation which lasted till late evening, the forest officials are telling that the attempt to send the leopard towards the forest has been successful and it has found its way to the forest. Forest officials claim that the leopard has gone to the forest and there is nothing to fear. Leopard has been seen in the district for the fourth time within a few days. Earlier, near Pathariya Madiyado Tendukheda, there was panic after wild animals appeared in residential areas. It is being told that the animals of Panna Reserve Tiger and Noradehi Sanctuary adjoining the district come to Damoh district while roaming.

Ashish Kumar Jain’s report from Damoh

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