Leader of Opposition Govind Singh targeted CM Shivraj, said, ‘Script is already ready, Chief Minister is acting’

Leader of Opposition Govind Singh targeted CM Shivraj : CM Shivraj has been in action mode for some time now. In Dindori, Mandla, Betul, they have suspended officers from the stage or during inspection. Along with this, he is constantly warning that those who do wrong will not be spared. But the opposition has called it a strategy. Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has said that the Chief Minister’s talk of ending corruption, zero tolerance and hanging bribe takers upside down has now become just a joke. Neither corruption has stopped nor is anyone hanging upside down till date. The reality is that the government is doing the work of saving the corrupt. He alleged that during the tour of the district, the script of suspension is prepared in advance and the Chief Minister only acts.

Leader of Opposition alleges ‘difference between words and deeds’

Leader of Opposition Dr. Govind Singh has said that the difference between the words and actions of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is as much as the difference between land and sky. Many speeches are given from the stage to please the public, but how many are being implemented? This is being done just to get cheap popularity. He said that ‘during video conferencing, a few face-to-face officers already tell that so-and-so should be thrashed and so-and-so should be suspended. This will send a message to the public that the Chief Minister is doing a good job. Whereas the reality is that whatever their warlord wants, they get it done and after that the suspended officer is also reinstated.

‘Action is not taken against big officers’

Dr. Govind Singh said that the process of suspending the junior officers and employees is going on continuously, but no concrete action has been taken against the senior officers so far. The video of corruption in Ayushman Yojana is going viral in the entire state. The audio of allowing bribe is also going viral but no action was taken against them. In this case only the director was transferred. The officers who want to take action against the corrupt people or make some progress are snubbed and transferred. He questioned whether the announcement of zero tolerance against corruption would be fruitful in this way. The Chief Minister says that ‘Identify the corrupt, I will destroy them, will neither eat nor let them eat’. If the land of tribals is in the name of someone else, the uncle will hang it, he will lose his job. The Chief Minister talks about ending corruption completely by terming it as leprosy. By calling on stage in Dindori, D.S.O. Suspended and got applause from the public. Chief Minister, Collector and S.P. in the district. They are mainly responsible, why don’t you take action against them?’

On the other hand, regarding voluntary donation, he said that ten percent commission has been published in the newspaper for getting treatment from it. Today the situation is such that the money for treatment is not reaching from the Chief Minister’s Secretariat itself for two months. The officers are sitting pressing the files and say that the signature of the CM is not being produced. People are upset looking at the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund in the hospital and due to lack of treatment even death happens and signatures are not being done here. Should this be considered corruption or courtesy? What kind of red tape is this, which is keeping the Chief Minister in the dark.

Leader of Opposition Govind Singh targeted CM Shivraj, said, 'Script is already ready, Chief Minister is acting'

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