Kshatriya Samaj blocked the road, demanding the use of bulldozers at the houses of the murder accused. Demand to run bulldozers to the houses of murder accused, Kshatriya Samaj did chakka jam

Gwalior Crime News: The police have arrested three accused, including a Municipal Corporation employee, who kidnapped Prakhar Parmar, son of college director Prashant Parmar, from the city and threw the dead body on fire in Jhansi, relatives say that there is some big conspiracy behind this There is a conspiracy, there is someone else who should be arrested, after the heinous massacre, there is resentment in the Kshatriya community and they blocked the road and demanded to run bulldozers on the houses of the accused, after the assurance and assurance of the administrative officers, the road blockade was opened.

Demand to run bulldozer at the house of murder accused, Kshatriya Samaj blocked the wheel

Angered by the demand of Rs 7 lakh 80 thousand given by Prashant Parmar for the approval of the school building, computer operator Karan Verma, employee of Gwalior Municipal Corporation hatched a conspiracy, he sent Prashant’s son, 22-year-old Abhay alias Prakhar, to the Nar Nigam on Tuesday. Called the headquarter and then made him sit in the car to give the approval papers of the building, he also took his two companions Gaurav alias Harsh Saxena and Bhanu Verma, during which there was a dispute between them regarding approval and money and all three roped behind the collectorate hill. They strangulated Prakhar, then shot him and shifted the body in a trunk in a deserted area, then ran the car on the way to Jhansi and burnt it near the Grafland Police Station and ran away.

Demand to run bulldozer at the house of murder accused, Kshatriya Samaj blocked the wheel

When Prakhar did not return, the family members lodged a complaint with the University police station, the police was looking for Prakhar in their own way, but the family members suspected Karan, when the police raised doubts, the police interrogated corporation employee Karan Verma in custody. He admitted to the incident but kept changing the story about the dead body again and again, but when the police strictly inquired, he got Prakhar’s half-burnt body recovered from Jhansi, then the police also arrested both his accomplices on Wednesday. Got arrested.

Police and the people of the city are in shock due to such a heinous murder by a government employee, the college director Prashant Parmar and his family are in bad condition, the whole family is in shock, on the other hand the Kshatriya community is angry, the Kshatriya community today expressed its anger Blocked the collectorate road, saying that there is a big conspiracy behind the murder and the conspirator should be arrested soon.

Seeing the increasing number of angry people of the Kshatriya community, the top officials of the police and administration reached the spot, the people of the society said that the accused are vicious, bulldozers should be run on their houses to create resentment among other criminals, SDM CB Prasad reached the spot Said that the administration will get the houses of the accused, if they were built by occupying the government land, then they will be demolished.

On the other hand, Additional SP Moti ur Rehman said that the criminal record of the accused is being ascertained, they are being presented in the court, they will be interrogated on remand, if anyone else is involved in the murder, he will also be arrested.

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