Khushi laddoos burst, what kind of discipline is this in BJP!

Internal conflict in BJP : After the cancellation of the caste certificate of BJP MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji and the cancellation of his assembly membership, the video of BJP leader Laddu Ram Kori distributing laddus has surfaced. A single bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court has also given instructions to register a case against MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji for making fake caste certificates. The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the BJP MLA from Ashok Nagar. Please inform that Laddu Ram Kori had filed a petition against him in the High Court regarding the caste certificate after losing the election.

old vs new in bjp

However, this case has brought out such a picture of Madhya Pradesh BJP which is often denied by the government and organizations. This is the tussle between the old BJP leaders and leaders from other parties, especially the Congress. There is a lot of discussion on the internal discord of the Congress, but this tussle within the BJP is evidently often kept silent. But BJP’s old loyal workers, leaders.. are angry with the dominance of ‘outsiders’ in the party and there is also a deep discontent brewing within.

After Jyotiraditya Scindia joined BJP, hundreds of his supporters also came with him. Many of these were his loyalists, who were given a place in Shivraj’s cabinet. Now after the Gujarat elections, once again there is a buzz of cabinet expansion and in such a situation, the matter of old vs new may arise again. However, if there is expansion, decisions will be taken on the basis of caste and regional equation in view of the upcoming assembly elections. But for a long time the old leaders of BJP have been complaining of being neglected and lagging behind. In such a situation, if the leaders of the Scindia camp get preference or other people who have come recently are given place, then this issue can gain momentum.

In the context of Jajpal Singh Jajji… the video of distribution of laddoos which has come to the fore is also a hallmark of this dissatisfaction and insecurity. Since now Jajji is also in BJP, this act is against the party discipline. But this is the attitude of the picture, which is no less than a challenge for the organization to deal with. This can prove to be a serious issue for the party, especially at the time of preparations for Mission 2023 and then ticket distribution.

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