Khargone News: Indore youth fell in Narmada river, boatmen saved his life, police engaged in investigation. Indore youth fell in Narmada river, boatmen saved his life

Khargone News : In Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district, a youth fell into the Narmada river from the aqueduct bridge, about 3 km from Barwah. Due to which sensation spread in the surrounding area. During this, the boatmen present on the banks of Ghatkhedi pulled the young man out of the river after a lot of effort. Also, the police was informed about it.

Resident of Indore

According to the information received, the name of the youth is Manoj, who is a resident of Indore. The young man told about the matter that the friend accompanying him pushed him, due to which he fell down. At the same time, after being taken out by the sailors, as a first aid to save him, he took out water from the stomach. The condition of the young man is fine now. He has not suffered any serious injury.

Regarding the matter, Kotwar Pradeep Kevat told that a young man fell down from the aqueduct on Sunday evening. After which the people bathing on the shore started calling out to save him. At the time of this incident, sailors Jitesh Kevat, Suresh, Pappu Kushwaha, Anil Mangle were present on the shore, who immediately took the boat and went towards it. When the water was high, it flowed far away from the bridge and came far away. The sailors took a jump and pulled out the drowning youth in Narmada.

Babulal Sarang’s report from Khargone

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