Khandwa: The death anniversary of Dhuni Wale Dada started from today, Mother Narmada’s Maha Aarti will be performed with 108 lamps. The death anniversary of Dhuni Wale Dada started in Khandwa from today.


Khandwa : In the court of Dhuni Wale Dada, on the death anniversary of Shri Kesavanand Maharaj, the anniversary celebrations have started from today itself. This festival is celebrated with pomp every year. Devotees from far and wide come to Khandwa to visit Dadaji’s Samadhi. Most of the devotees come here from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Nagpur along with other cities. According to the information, apart from Darbar Samadhi Darshan, Havan is also being conducted by the devotees at Dhuni Mai.

The special thing is that a fair is also held here. In such a situation, a lot of crowd is seen here. Food Prasadi is also arranged for the devotees here by the temple trust. Not only this, Bhandare Prasadi is also being distributed to the devotees in the premises of Shri Harihar Bhavan. The special thing is that bhog of Malpua and Halwa was offered by the devotees on Baba’s tomb. Giving information about this, the trust has said that the samadhi bath was conducted in the temple today at 4 am.

In such a situation, there was a huge crowd of devotees. Mangal Aarti was performed at 5 am. Then the seva puja of the tombs was done as usual. Tonight there will be Maha Aarti of Maa Narmada with 108 lamps. Along with this, chanting of grandfather’s name will also be done. After that Havan will be performed collectively in Dhuni. Significantly, Dadaji Shri Kesavanand Maharaj had taken Samadhi on December 3, 1930. Since then, the anniversary celebration has been celebrated here every year in Dadaji Darbar.

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