Khandwa News: Disturbances in the weighing scales of the trading company, anger erupted among the farmers. Disturbances in weighing scales of Garv Trading Company of Khandwa, farmers’ anger erupted

Khandwa News: On Wednesday afternoon, when the farmers demanded an inquiry into the weighbridges of the Garv Trading Company, the company remained adamant. The farmers blocked the chakka. Also demanded an inquiry.

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Khandwa News: The anger of the farmers erupted when a discrepancy was found in the weighing forks of Garv Trading Company located near the bus stand on the Juni-Indore line. The farmers created ruckus and also blocked the road. Due to this chakka jam, the wheels of the coming passenger buses also stopped. In fact, on Wednesday afternoon, when the demand was made by the farmers to get the weighbridge of Garv Trading Company checked, the company’s people remained adamant.

Farmers say that there is a difference of 15 to 20 quintals in weighing, so it should be investigated. After a long debate, the farmers blocked the chakka. Due to which there was a traffic jam and the wheels of other vehicles stopped along with the buses. Along with this, there was a debate between the bus drivers and the farmers. As soon as the police got information about this, the police team of Padam Nagar reached the spot and explained to the farmers and then got the traffic jam removed.

Khandwa News: Disturbances in the weighing scale of the trading company, farmers' anger eruptedKhandwa News: Disturbances in the weighing scale of the trading company, farmers' anger erupted

In such a situation, when the Chakkar Jam was done by the varieties and the secretary of the market came to know about it, he also reached the spot. He also called the team of weighing department, after which the weighing forks were tested again. Farmers say that they are suffering losses due to the fault in the weighing scales. We are facing a loss of 15 to 20 quintals.

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