Khandwa: Kotwar, the accused who slit the girl’s throat in unilateral love, committed suicide


Khandwa, Desk Report. In Khandwa, accused Kotwar, who slit the throat of a girl in unrequited love, committed suicide, the body of accused Kotwar was found in the village pond. On Monday, a young man named Bablu had tried to slit the throat of an 18-year-old girl in unrequited love. The accused carried out the incident when the girl was alone in the house, since the incident, the police was looking for the accused deceased Bablu father Ramdas. On Wednesday morning, the villagers saw his dead body in the pond. There was a stir on seeing the dead body of the young man.

Khandwa: In one-sided love, Kotwar slits the girl’s throat, condition critical

The case is of Bangarda village of Mundi area. Where on Monday, the accused entered the girl’s house by climbing the wall and proposed her for marriage. When the girl refused, he stabbed her in the neck. The victim is being treated at the district hospital. The accused Kotwar committed suicide by jumping into the pond of the village itself. His body has been taken out.

The accused was addicted to drugs

Accused Bablu had got a compassionate appointment in place of his father a few days back, but he used to constantly take drugs and harass the people of the village. It is being told that Bablu followed this girl a few days ago and then he started harassing this girl, on the refusal of the same girl, Bablu entered her house and slit her throat, at present the condition of the girl is critical.


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