Khan Sir Patna: Congress leader raised demand for FIR on Khan Sir, this is the reason

Khan Sir Viral Video: Khan Sir, the favorite of lakhs of students and director of Khan GS Research Center Patna, is in trouble after one of his statements. The matter has reached the FIR on Khan’s head. The demand to register a case against Khan sir has been made by Congress leader Supriya Shrinat. Srinath has made this demand after a video went viral.

Demand for FIR is arising after this example

Let me tell you, in this video, Khan Sir is seen giving an example while teaching Sandhi and Samas. While explaining, he told the children how the same word can have two meanings in a dual compound like “Suresh flew the ship” and “Abdul flew the ship”. In the first example, Udya means flight, in the second example, Udya means instigated.

Khan sir is also being objected by a particular community after the video went viral with this example. People on Twitter are also demanding the arrest of Khan sir. People say that Khan sir uses all these gimmicks just to get popularity.

who is khan sir

Khan Sir is a well-known teacher of YouTube who got about 17 lakh subscribers on YouTube during the Corona period. Born in Gorakhpur, Khan Sir’s father was a naval officer, due to which he himself wanted to join the army but could not. After completing his studies, Khan Sir started teaching on YouTube, in which he was liked by millions of children. However, the most controversial thing in the meantime is the name of Khan sir. Some tell his name as Amit Singh and some tell his name as Faizal Khan. Not only this, Khan sir is also often seen giving twisted answers to people’s questions regarding his name.

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