Keeping a stone on the heart, the mother considered the son dead, after 12 years his call came

mother reunited with lost son : It is very sad for any mother to be separated from her child. And if a mother is forced to accept that her child is no more in this world, then it is difficult to imagine the pain. But sometimes some miracles also happen. Something similar happened with this woman when she got a call from her lost son after 12 years.

This incident is from Lanarkshire, Scotland. Nicholas Curtis went hiking in Spain and France in the 2000s. According to the report of the Daily Star News website, till 2009, he kept talking to his mother Joyce Curtis, but after 2009 he lost contact with the family. On not getting any information for a year, his mother got worried and lodged a missing report. After this, in the year 2010, he got a call saying that his son was admitted in a hospital in France. Joyce reached there with her husband but he had disappeared. After this, years passed by and he did not get any information about his son. After all, keeping a stone on his heart, he accepted that his son is no longer in this world.

But the news that came recently was no less than a miracle. Through the British Consulate, Joyce received information that his son Nicholas was alive. He also talked to his son on the phone. When he asked the son if he wanted to come back home, he said yes. Since then Joyce’s happiness knows no bounds. She is considering it as a Christmas gift. A spokesman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said that we are taking care of Nicolas in France and all help is being given to reunite him with the family. His family is also eagerly waiting for him to return home after 12 years.

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