Kamal Nath wrote a letter to CM Shivraj, demanding this regarding the recruitment of primary teachers


Kamal Nath wrote a letter to CM Shivraj : Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath has written a letter to CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In this, mentioning the Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination-2020, he has demanded recruitment on backlog posts. He has said that an additional 51 thousand posts should be increased so that the youth of the state can get employment.

Letter written by Kamal Nath

Kamal Nath has written in his letter that ‘the process of recruitment of primary teachers in Madhya Pradesh has been started after 11 years and more than 10,000 posts have been fixed for backlog recruitment in the conducted examination. But only about 8 thousand posts are fixed for the remaining classes. While the number of vacancies in the state is more than 1 lakh. Unemployed youth and candidates of the state demand that recruitment process should be done by increasing 51 thousand posts in addition to baglog posts, so that a large section of unemployed youth can get employment and relief. He has also said that in the issued advertisement, instead of mentioning the vacant posts of all the districts of the state, recruitment is being done by mentioning the vacant posts of certain districts only. If the vacant posts of all the districts are included in the advertisement, then the unemployed youth of the state will get employment and justice.

‘You are aware that due to the vacant posts of teachers in the schools of Madhya Pradesh, the number of single teacher schools is very high. The teacher-student ratio of the state is not as per the national standards. Due to the above reasons, the work of quality education in the state is continuously getting adversely affected and the future generation will have to bear its loss. Along with this, it is also noteworthy that at present the level of unemployment in the country and the state is highly worrying. Today, the youth is frustrated and angry due to unemployment and for this reason it is necessary to recruit more and more posts to promote employment. In the above situations, the demand regarding the recruitment of the youth seems appropriate. Therefore, I urge you to take immediate cognizance of the above subject and try to get a positive decision on the appropriate demands of the candidates at the earliest so that employment and justice can be ensured to the youth unemployed with quality educational system in the state.

Kamal Nath wrote a letter to CM Shivraj, demanding this regarding the recruitment of primary teachers

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