Kalyugi father killed his son, police disclosed. dewas news kalyugi father killed his son police revealed. dewas news

Dewas Crime News: In Kalyug, blood relations are also getting tarnished. The heartless father brutally killed his innocent son in Barotha of Dewas district. SP Dr. Shivdayal Singh disclosed the murder case of village Bangarda of Barotha police station area, which has become a topic of discussion in the district for the last three days, during a press conference today. After the dead body of a 15-year-old innocent teenager was found, there was a stir in the entire district including the area. Taking serious action in this case, the police found the accused within 3 days. Kalyugi’s father, accused of this heinous murder, has been taken into custody by the police.

murder due to girlfriend’s pressure

According to the information received by the police, the accused father had illicit relations with his cousin’s wife. The deceased Hariom was seen in an objectionable condition with his father, after which the woman was pressurizing him to remove the teenager from the road and if he did not do so, the father killed his own son. First both his hands were cut off so that he could not protest and then he was strangled to death with a rope. The severed hands were thrown into a borewell which are yet to be retrieved.

SP disclosed the murder case

Disclosing the murder, SP Dr. Shivdayal Singh said that the teenager was murdered on Monday itself and his body was thrown away from the house. The accused in the case is his father Mohanlal Kalouta, he has been arrested. Significantly, even after the disappearance of the teenager on Monday, the relatives did not seek the help of the police and on Tuesday evening, the body of Kishore Hariom’s father Mohanlal Kalota was found lying near the farm outside the village. Both his hands were cut below the elbow, the police had searched the spot till late night but the cut hands, clothes etc. could not be found. The next day, on Tuesday, the police continued to investigate for several hours but could not find any clue. On the other hand, after being PM in the district hospital, a case of murder was registered against the unknown accused after the report of strangulation to death, chopping off hands with a sharp weapon and head injuries. The accused Mohanlal and the guilty woman have also been arrested by the police. DSP Headquarters Kiran Sharma, Barotha Police Station TI Shailendra Singh Mukati said that on the spot of the accused, the sickle, rope etc. used in the murder have been recovered, efforts are also being made to remove the hand from the borewell.

His commendable contribution

Seeing the seriousness of the incident, SP Dr. Shiv Dayal Singh had formed a special team. Station Incharge Barotha Shailendra Mukati, Station Incharge Ajak Anju Sharma, U.N. Kamal Kishore Malviya, U.N. Deepak Kamble, S.U.N. Dharmendra Nagar, Pr. Suresh Chauhan, Sunil Rawat, Manoj Patel, Suresh Kumawat, Pooja Bamnia, constable Narendra, constable Sanjeev Patel, Shekhar Patel police station Barotha and cyber team P.R. Shivpratap Singh Sengar, Sachin Chauhan were commendable. A reward of ten thousand rupees was announced to the team by the Superintendent of Police, Dr. Shivdayal Singh.
Somesh Upadhyay’s report from Dewas

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