Jabalpur Patwari’s dead body found in the field in suspicious condition, feared death due to cold

Jabalpur Patwari Death: Sensation spread in the Kundam area of ​​Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh on Monday when people saw the dead body of a young man in a field here in the morning. But as soon as the body was identified, the police and the people present were surprised, the body was of Patwari. On identification, the people who reached the spot told the police that the deceased is Patwari Arun Bhadle, a resident of village Badwani. The villagers suspect that Patwari Arun Bhadle died due to cold.

Everyone was surprised as soon as they were identified

According to the information received from the police, Arun Bhadle, a resident of Barwani village, posted as Patwari in Tehsil Mandla district residence, was lying dead in a field in front of a liquor shop in Kundam area on Monday morning, around 6 am on Monday. The people around were shocked when they saw Patwari Arun Bhadle, soon this news spread like fire in the area, many people gathered.

Fear of death from cold

The police reached the spot after investigation and sent the dead body for post-mortem, the local people say that the condition in which the dead body of Patwari was found in the field, it is expected that he died due to cold. . There are various discussions in the area regarding the incident, the police say that the cause of death will be known only after receiving the PM report.

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