Jabalpur News: EOW made a big disclosure in the case of sacked Bishop PC Singh, who is in jail, read the full news. EOW made a big disclosure in the case of sacked Bishop PC Singh

Jabalpur News : Bishop PC in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh remains a topic of discussion on the coming days. Be informed that Bishop PC Singh has been suspended on charges of forgery of lands and misappropriation of funds of missionary schools. In the past, the Economic Offenses Cell (EOW) is continuously taking major action against them. Actually, EOW has found many important evidences of illegal earnings against PC Singh and today once again EOW has made a big disclosure, let’s know what is the whole matter…

Bishop PC was in awe

In fact, the EOW has made disclosures in the case of the jailed sacked Bishop PC Singh. As a moderator in the Church of North India, he was so feared that no one dared to speak against him. Not only this, if anyone used to raise voice against PC Singh, he used to take away his post and so far 2 to 3 people who have become victims of this have come forward.

Bishop Prabal Dutt can be included in the meeting

Let us tell you that Bishop Prabal Dutt, who was sacked by PC Singh, can be included in the upcoming meeting of the Church of North India to be held in Delhi from 7 to 9 December. Prabal Dutt is the bishop who raised his voice against the tyranny of PC Singh, who was later removed from the post. According to the information received from the sources, the sacked Prabal Dutt can be made the bishop of Durgapur Diocese. At the same time, Durgapur Bishop Sameer Khimla can be transferred to Jabalpur Diocese.

EOW prepared challan

According to the information received, the EOW has prepared a challan against PC Singh, who is in jail. Which can be presented in the court today. Explain that after presenting the challan in the court, the EOW will present a charge sheet in the court on PC Singh’s son Piyush Pal and Suresh Jacob and many others.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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