Jabalpur News: Bride’s make-up spoiled in marriage, FIR registered against beautician. Bride make-up spoiled in marriage in Jabalpur, FIR lodged against beautician


Jabalpur News : A unique case has come to light from Jabalpur. It is being told that after a bride’s make-up deteriorated in the marriage, she has lodged an FIR against the beautician in the police station. Actually, these days the season of weddings is going on. In such a situation, the beautician also has a very busy time during the wedding season. Because most people get makeup done in marriage. Whereas the makeup of the bride is the most special.

Because of this, beauticians also charge more for the makeup of the bride. But in Jabalpur, a beautician after taking money from the bride did not do her proper make-up, after which the beauty parlor operator was overshadowed. The family members of the bride have registered a case in the police station. The Kotwali police have registered a case against the operator regarding this matter. According to the police, the marriage of Radhika Sen’s niece was to be held on December 3. Bride’s name is Radhika. He approached Monica Pathak, the owner of a make-up studio, for marriage.

In such a situation, then Monica had asked to do the makeup of the bride herself for three and a half thousand rupees, but when she went to the parlor on the wedding day, Monica was not there and the girl from her parlor did her makeup and spoiled it. After this, when Radhika called Monica, she scolded the bride. Along with using indecency, say casteist abuses. After this information came to the office bearers of Sen Welfare Association, they also got angry and reached Kotwali police station. Filed a complaint against Monica here. Now the police have started investigating this matter.

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