Investigation committee will be formed in case of missing documents from Vikram University, action will be taken on the basis of the report

Ujjain News: The case of rigging in the PhD examination in Vikram University has been a matter of constant discussion. An inquiry committee was formed regarding this rigging, whose documents had disappeared from the file. When the university administration wrote a letter regarding the matter to register an FIR, the police said that before the FIR, the university should investigate at its own level. Police will take its action after the investigation report comes.

After the request of the police, now the university administration has sent the file to the registrar to form a committee to investigate the missing documents. Please tell that some documents were missing from the file of the inquiry committee from Vikram University office. These documents were related to the rigging of the PhD entrance examination held in 2022. In this case, system engineer Vishnu Kumar Saxena was suspended and an application for FIR was given on behalf of the university.

It was stated in the application that Saxena had taken this file for perusal and since then the document has gone missing. On the other hand, the police say that the university has been asked to constitute an inquiry committee at the departmental level and submit the report. Police will take further action on the basis of the investigation report. Assistant Registrar of the University Ramesh Chandra Suryavanshi says that along with the letter given by the police, the file prepared by the University has been sent to the Registrar.

Two investigation committees will be formed

According to the information, a 3-member inquiry committee was formed to investigate the rigging in this PhD examination. The inquiry committee somehow completed the investigation and collected the documents, but the file was messed up. After this, all the three members of the inquiry committee had refused to remain in the committee. Preparations were being made by the Vice-Chancellor to form a new inquiry committee and now after the letter from the Police Department, the inquiry committee will definitely be formed.

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