Instead of teaching the young children in the government school premises, the master is getting them wages, the video went viral on social media

Morena News : Even though the government is making all efforts to provide better education to children in government schools, teachers are seen flouting all the orders of the government in Porsa of Morena district. Those innocent children who should have had pen and book in their hands in the government school, are carrying spices made of brick, ballast and cement in the school premises by the hands of those innocent children. Someone has made a video of making children laborers and made it viral on social media, after which there has been a stir in the education department.

this is the case

Please tell that this whole matter is related to Government Primary Complex Center Durg located in Porsa. Where instead of teaching the young children, the children are being made to carry ballast and clean the grass in the school premises by the Master. It is clearly visible in the viral video that the tap platform is being constructed by the contractor under the Jal Jeevan Mission in the school premises. For him, a person is making spice of cement and ballast and the children are shown carrying the spice in a bowl. Along with this, some children are lifting bricks and some children are also being made to clean. While this work was to be done by the contractor with labour, but instead of laborers, innocent children are seen working here.

Playing with children’s future

The biggest thing is that children are being made to work but why didn’t the teachers oppose it. Due to the negligence of the school staff, the future of the children is being played with. Now it has to be seen whether action is taken against the contractor and other people who make children work as labor or instead of teaching innocent children they will be made to work as labor or the matter will be put in cold storage.
Sanjay Dixit’s report from Morena

*Disclaimer :- Video is available with Mp breaking news, but this video is not being published under the rules.

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