Innocent life lost while playing, girl drowned in bucket full of water

Dewas News: In Dewas, a 1-year-old innocent lost his life while playing sports. The accident was so horrifying that whoever heard it was shocked. No one could have imagined that this little soul would drown in a bucket full of water while playing.

This whole matter is behind the Maxi Road vegetable market of Dewas. 1 year old Muskaan was sleeping at home. Leaving the child, the mother had gone to the nearby house to spread the cow dung cakes. When the mother returned, the child was nowhere to be seen. On searching, the innocent was seen drowned in a bucket of water. The mother immediately informed the family members and the girl was rushed to the district hospital but she had died.

According to the information related to the incident, on waking up, the girl reached near a bucket full of water while playing. Here she tried to play water sports but she did not know that she was going to play with her life. Due to overturning inside the bucket and drowning in the water, she could not breathe, perhaps due to this the girl died.

It is difficult to say anything about whether the girl herself drowned in a bucket of water while playing or whether some other accident happened. Doctors say that while giving information, the relatives have told that the girl had drowned in a bucket of water. When we checked, she was dead. The girl’s body has been sent for postmortem and the matter has also been informed to the police. The police is interrogating the family members and discussing the matter with the doctor as well. At the same time, the matter will be clear after the PM report comes. Apart from the accidental drowning of the girl child, the police is also looking into the matter from another angle.

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