Innocent fell into well while playing game on mobile, dead body found after 2 hours of rescue

Shivpuri News: There are often many cases of seeing people risking their lives in the wake of mobiles. One such case has come to the fore from Shivpuri where an innocent lost his life engrossed in playing the game. The girl was playing a game on mobile when she fell into the well and died.

This case pertains to Survaya police station area of ​​Shivpuri district. Where an 8-year-old girl fell into a well while playing a game on mobile. The villagers saw him falling into the well, yet his life could not be saved. As soon as the girl fell into the well, the villagers rushed to the spot where mobile light was visible inside the water. There was water up to 20 feet in the well, so no one dared to get down and after a while the light visible in the well also got extinguished.

The police was informed about the girl falling into the well, after which the body of the innocent was pulled out of the water with great difficulty. She used to study in the fifth standard in the same village school and she also has a younger brother. According to the information received so far, the child was so engrossed in playing games on the mobile that she did not realize that she was going towards death. The relatives came to know about the incident 15 to 20 minutes after the girl fell into the well.

On seeing the light of the phone in the well, 2 people got inside and tried to get it out but they did not succeed. The police reached the spot, conducted a rescue operation for 2 hours and took out the girl by putting a hook. By the time the police took out the girl, she had died. People say that after seeing the girl falling into the well, if a person present there who knew swimming had tried, her life could have been saved. The post-mortem of the body has been done and the police is probing the matter.

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