Influenced by Bollywood films, hatched a conspiracy to kidnap himself, police busted. Gwalior police busted the kidnapping story, the Kidnapped person had conspired with friends after being influenced by Bollywood movies

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior has arrested the accused van driver and two accomplices who conspired to expose a false story of kidnapping, interrogation revealed that the accused had a lot of debt in the market and a land dispute was going on with a businessman. Was, he is fond of watching Bollywood movies, influenced by that, he created this false story. The police seized a pistol with one live round and a motorcycle from the arrested accused.

On December 21, van clever Parmal Mahore was abducted by two motorcycle-borne miscreants near Ram Shyam Dhaba located on the Agra-Jhansi highway in Murar police station area when he was going to his home to drop the coaching children. . The miscreants stopped the van by overtaking, then pulled out the driver Parmal with a stick and abducted him and ran away, the incident was reported to the police, the police immediately swung into action.

Murar police station registered a case under Section 365, 34 IPC on the report of Anil Mahore, son of the abducted Parmal Mahore and took it into consideration. Taking seriously the incident of open kidnapping from the city, Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi directed Additional SP Crime Rajesh Dandotia to form a joint team of Crime Branch and Murar police station for the safe release of the abducted and to catch the kidnappers.

Following the instructions, TI Police Station Crime Branch Damodar Gupta and TI Murar Vinayak Shukla formed two separate teams under the guidance of CSP Murar/DSP Crime Rishikesh Meena and CSP Lashkar/DSP Crime Siaz KM and started searching for the abducted. When the police interrogated the family members of the abducted person in and around the scene, it was found that the abducted person had a lot of debt and was addicted to drugs everyday. The land related dispute of a kidnapped person from a businessman of Murar has been going on for the last several years.

After these facts came to the fore in the inquiry, the police doubted the story of kidnapping, after that the police started investigation from another angle. In the fresh investigation, the facts came to the fore that for the last about three-four days, the abducted person was telling his friends that some incident may happen to him in two-three days, in which he will return to Murar area. The name of a businessman was being mentioned repeatedly.

When the name of the businessman surfaced, the police interrogated the said businessman. On verification, the matter was found to be suspicious. Police found out with the help of technology and informer that the abducted person has a very close friend with whom he used to get up and sit everyday, on the basis of suspicion his close friend was closely interrogated, then he was told that by the abducted person With the intention of implicating Murar’s businessman in the case of kidnapping due to high debt, the three along with another friend resident of Badagaon hatched a false conspiracy to kidnap themselves and abducted the said person leaving him on a motorcycle in the forest of Sheetla. had come

During the investigation, Superintendent of Police Amit Sanghi received information from the informer today on December 24 that the abducted person was seen at his relative’s house in Thana Antri area. As soon as the information was received, the police of Crime Branch and Murar police station went in search of the joint abducted and caught the abducted from his relative’s house in the interior area.

On enquiry, Parmal Mahor was told that due to huge debt and to take revenge in a long-standing land dispute with Murar’s businessman, he along with his two other companions got influenced by Bollywood movies and committed suicide. A false conspiracy to kidnap was hatched. Murar police station arrested all the three accused and seized a country made pistol and a round and a motorcycle at their instance.

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