Indore: To cure this disease, a pill worth Rs 60 will do the work of an injection worth Rs 7,000. To cure this disease, a pill of 60 rupees will do the work of injection of 7 thousand.


Indore : The 37th annual conference of Rheumatologist Association, Airakan 2022 has been organized in Indore. The conference has been addressed by Dr. Naivedyo Chattopadhyay of Central Drug Research Institute along with many other eminent experts. About 450 research papers were presented on the last day i.e. Saturday. Out of which 12 selected research papers were discussed. In this, special attention was paid to one thing that these days a lot of weakness is being seen in women and men.

Most women have become victims of vitamin D and calcium deficiency and osteoporosis. Due to which their bones become fragile like chalk. Along with this, the muscles also start getting weak. Because of which women are more likely to have multiple fractures. To cure this, an injection has to be given every month. Whose cost is around 7 thousand rupees. In this case, it costs 233 rupees every day.

When a research was done about this, it came to light that the drug used in the injection used to cure it can also be taken in the form of a pill. The injection has to be given once a month but this pill has to be taken every day. The cost of this bullet is only two rupees. In this case only 60 rupees will have to be spent in a month. This thing has been told by Dr. Naivedyo Chattopadhyay of Central Drug Research Institute. He said this in the 37th Annual Conference of Rheumatologists (Rheumatologists) Airakan-2022. However, the trial of this medicine is currently going on in Delhi. If it is successful, it will be made available to the common people as well.

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