Indore: Strictness of Forest Department on tourists, cleaning will have to be done along with paying fine for spreading dirt. Strictness on tourists in Indore, cleaning will have to be done along with paying fine for spreading dirt


Indore : Indore is number one in cleanliness. In such a situation, the employees work very hard to keep Indore clean. But still there are some people who still spread filth due to which Indore and surrounding forest areas get spoiled and the employees also have to work double. To avoid all this and to prevent people from doing this, recently the Forest Department has done a unique experiment.

It is being told that strict action will be taken against the tourists going to celebrate picnic party in the forest area. Actually tourists leave the garbage there after partying. Also throw away the leftover food. Animals get sick after eating it. To avoid all this and to keep the forest area clean and safe, now along with strict vigilance on the tourists, garbage will also be cleared from the people who litter. Yes, the Forest Department has implemented a new system to make the forest clean.

Beginning with the tourism coming in Choral Range –

According to the information, the department has started this effort from tourism coming in Choral range. In such a situation, any tourist who comes here for a party picnic will now take care of cleanliness, otherwise they will be cleaned immediately. This effort has been made after several complaints received so far. Some people say that there is no cleanliness at tourist places. Dirt is seen everywhere.

Even the Forest Department does not pay attention to this. After all these complaints came to the fore, Ranger Ravikant Jain discussed with the complainant. After that a plan was made to clean the tourist places coming in the range. Due to which tourists are allowed to have picnic at some places in Choral river-Kalakund area but they are being asked to clean up if they litter.

Will have to pay fine

Apart from this, the villagers have been called in the forest committee meeting and asked to share information about suspicious people. Apart from this, it has also come to light that now whoever spreads filth will be fined. In such a situation, there are many places including Choral, Simrol, Tinchhafal, Patalpani, Janapav where fine will be imposed. Because dirt, garbage, bottles harm the environment. Efforts are being made to avoid this.

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