Indore Ragging: This Singham lady exposed ragging in a unique way. This Singham lady of Indore exposed ragging in medical college

Indore Ragging

Indore Ragging : In the case of ragging in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore, the senior students were arrested by the police after a lot of effort. A woman policeman has been the biggest hand behind all this. Yes, it is being told that the ragging happening in the medical college was disclosed in a unique way by Shalini Chauhan, a woman police constable posted at Sanyogitaganj police station of Indore.

Actually, Shalini Chauhan reached this medical college to take admission as a fresher student. Here she used to go to the canteen everyday and she had also befriended some students. Because of this friendship, slowly he started talking to the students and started finding out about ragging from the seniors. Although some people did not tell him anything about it, but there were some students who told him everything. After which this ragging in the college came to light and six senior doctors were arrested by the police.

Indore Ragging

All these doctors have been accused of harassing juniors in various ways. According to the information, before the disclosure, some senior doctors had entered into an agreement with the juniors. But even after that the police did not spare him. This unique method of the police to arrest these senior doctors was different. Had the police not adopted this method, the ragging happening in the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College would hardly have come to light.

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