Indore Ragging News: Police exposed blind ragging, 9 senior students arrested, 1 absconding

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Indore Ragging News: The first case of blind ragging exposed in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore has come to light. Regarding this matter, the police, in their own style, disguised as an intelligence team, collected information about senior doctors. In such a situation, the police team had to struggle for about 5 months. No one supported the police in this. But even after that the effort was successful. It is being told that the police have arrested 9 senior students.

Although one student is still absconding but the rest are under arrest. According to the information, Sanyogitaganj police station belongs to the medical college of the area. Here on July 24, the police had received information that ragging takes place in the college. Not only this, some students had also complained about ragging to the UGC with confidentiality. After which UGC sent a letter to the management. After which Dean forwarded the complaint to Indore Police and got an FIR done. According to the information, from the college of Indore to the US head office of UGC and WhatsApp refused to help the police.

Indore Ragging Indore Ragging

Due to which a lot of time of the police was wasted but success will be achieved. The police arrested these students by devising a different trick to nab the accused. The police had received a long list of 800 students. In such a situation, it was difficult to track down the victims. But all this became possible after hard work. Actually, the police befriended some freshers students. In such a situation, he got everything removed in talks. Only then the information of all the accused came to the fore. When some senior students came to know about this, they fled after taking leave but were caught by the police.


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