Indore: People stuck in jam for hours in the city, worst condition of bypass, watch video. People stuck in jam for hours in Indore, worst condition of bypass


Indore : In Indore city on Sunday, people had to face a lot of trouble due to traffic at various places. In fact, people from the city to the village had to remain stuck in traffic for hours. In such a situation, two wheelers were the most stranded among four wheelers. It is being told that the entire ABP road from LIG to Vijayanagar was seen full of two wheelers and four wheelers.

In such a situation, when the traffic became very heavy, the LIG and Vijayanagar police diverted the traffic by handling the situation. Apart from this, the worst condition was seen in Dewas Bypass. In fact, long queues of cars were seen from Kanadia to Jhalaria. A video of its drone suit is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which hundreds of works and two wheelers were seen stuck in the traffic.

According to the information, a large number of people left their homes to visit the Phoenix Mall in Indore and reached the mall. The great thing is that yesterday was Christmas and everyone was free due to Christmas being a Sunday, so everyone went out for a walk. Thousands of people reached the lying Phoenix Mall.

The situation was such that people parked their vehicles on the bypass road itself and went out to visit the mall. Due to which the vehicles coming on the bypass also had to face a lot of problems. It is being told that Lasudia TI Santosh Dudhi diverted the vehicles coming from Jhalaria towards Mangalia. In such a situation, the most trouble was created for the people living in the colony and township built on the bypass.

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