Indore News: Electricity bill will not come at home from December 1, payment will have to be done by looking at mobile only. Electricity bill will not come at home from December 1 in Indore, payment will have to be done by looking at mobile only

Electricity Bill

Indore News: From December 1, the Western Region Power Distribution Company is discontinuing the supply of its electricity bill. It is being told that electricity bills will not be distributed from December 1 in cities, towns and villages of all 15 districts of Indore and Ujjain divisions. In such a situation, all you electricity consumers will have to see their electricity bill in mobile. Also, payment will have to be made from there itself. However, the company will send the electricity bill to the consumer’s mobile. This decision has been taken by the power companies because all the centers were instructed to stop printing.

Because of which the printing of your electricity bill will not be done. In such a situation, all the consumers will have to pay their electricity bill from there itself by viewing it on the mobile. With this decision, the electricians along with the consumers have been seen angry. According to the information, printing and distribution of electricity bills was stopped one by one in all the zones of Indore for six months. In such a situation, recently the power company informed all the center in-charges that printing would be stopped from December 1.

In such a situation, electricity bills will be sent to everyone on mobile. In such a situation, it has also been said that the file for printing any zone bill will not be sent to the company’s headquarter. In the midst of all this, it has also come to the fore that people who do not know how to use the phone or cannot see the electricity bill on the phone, are getting very upset. In such a situation, there is a delay in filling the electricity bill. Because of which they get penalized. Consumers have also expressed displeasure about this matter. People still have to take out the printout of the bill and give it to the zones.

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