Indore News: Bone removed from Veg Pulav, case filed against restaurant operator for hurting religious sentiments, watch video. Bone came out of Veg Pulav in Indore, case filed against restaurant operator for hurting religious sentiments, watch video

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Indore News: Recently a unique case has come to light from Indore city. In fact, every day one or the other video goes viral on social media, recently a video is going viral in which a case of bones coming out in a vegetarian casserole has come to the fore.

It is being told that there is a restaurant in Indore, Alba Baristo Restaurant, which is located at Vijay Nagar. The bone was served in a veg casserole at this Alba Baristo restaurant. As soon as the video of this case surfaced, it went viral. After the video went viral and on the complaint of the complainant, the Vijay Nagar police registered a case against the restaurant’s operator Swapnil Gujarati.

According to information, Akash Dubey, a resident of Shalimar Swaman Township of Indore, had ordered veg pulao from this restaurant on Monday. When the order came to him, he saw that there was a bone in the casserole. After which Akash first made photos and videos and shared them on social media.

After that immediately complained to Vijay Nagar police saying that we do not eat non-veg. I’ve never even eaten eggs. But now bones were served in the veg food ordered. After this complaint, the police registered a case of hurting religious sentiments and are going to interrogate the hotel management. In the video of this case, you can see that a bone is lying in the casserole. However, after this video, the young man has also shared another video in which he has kept his point.

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