Indore Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava made a special appeal to the people regarding hoardings and flower garlands, said this

indore news: Indore of Madhya Pradesh is always in headlines for its cleanliness. It is also called the cleanest city of India. Once Mayor Pushyamitra has proved that “Indore is No.1”. He has also made a special appeal to the people regarding hoardings and flowers. Regarding hoardings, he urged the people that if they put up hoardings after taking permission, then it is a right thing, but the municipal officials have been instructed to remove any hoardings from the road.

Bhargava also advised to gift something else instead of a garland of flowers. He said, “People give flowers and many mementos at various events. Instead, exchange all sets of books and notebooks with each other. He has also talked about running such a mission. This will help the needy people.

Please inform that Indore Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava remains very active regarding the cleanliness of Indore. Often also share their new ideas with people. At the same time, by applying them to the city, we try to make it environment friendly. Perhaps that is why Indore has become the number one city in the country in terms of cleanliness.

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