Indore Law College: Teacher reached with girl students to give statement in controversial book case, committee reprimanded

Indore Law College Controversy: As if the controversies in Law College Indore are not taking the name of stopping. The RSS and Bajrang Dal raised serious objections after the controversial book was found in the college library. After this objection, State Home Minister Narottam Mishra had ordered the police commissioner to investigate. Along with this, 6 teachers of the college faced serious allegations like teaching from this controversial book and spreading religious frenzy. The principal of the college has also resigned from his post after the matter caught fire.

The teacher took the girl students along for his rescue

After the matter came to light, a 4-member committee was formed to investigate. On Sunday, a teacher took some girl students to the Additional Director’s office to defend themselves. A teacher named Professor Milind Gautam had brought the girl students to get a statement in his favor. When the members of the committee asked the girl students the reason for their arrival, the girl students told that Milind Gautam had brought them. On knowing this, the committee members not only reprimanded the teacher, but also refused to take the statements of the girl students.

Notice will be handed over to the teacher, answer will be sought

Let us tell you that today the statements of professors, staff and 13 teachers of the college have been recorded in the controversial book case. Due to this, teacher Milind Gautam had reached the office with the girl students. As soon as the information about the girl students reaching the office, ABVP raised serious objection on this, after which the committee said that the girl students were sent back as it was. Now statements of the students will be taken in the school premises itself. After this act done by the teacher, the committee is preparing to hand over the notice to the teacher and seek a written reply from him.

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