Indore Law College: Controversial book was purchased during the tenure of the minister’s principal’s sister-in-law

Indore Law College : The controversy over Indore Government Law College is not taking the name of cooling down. In this case, after the resignation of Principal Enamur Rehman, a case has been registered against four people including writer Dr. Farhat Khan. At the same time, Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has also ordered Indore commissioner to investigate the matter.

In this case, the police have registered a case against the writer Dr. Farhat Khan, Principal Enamur Rahman, Professor Dr. Mirza Mojiz and the publisher of Amar Law Publication. At the same time, a shocking revelation has come to light regarding the purchase of this book named ‘Collective Violence and Criminal Justice System’. According to the information, this book was bought in the year 2014 and at that time the principal of the college was Dr. Sudha Siwalt. Tell that Dr. Sudha Silavat is the sister-in-law of Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat in the government. Her husband Dr. Suresh Silavat is the principal of Holkar Science College and brother of Tulsiram Silavat. During his principalship, this book was given free of cost only to SC-ST students under the Book Bank Scheme. The special thing is that after the uproar over this book, an inquiry committee has been formed and Dr. Suresh Silavat husband of the then Principal Dr. Sudha Suresh Silavat is also included in it. Here, after the matter caught fire, Dr. Enamur Rahman says that those who bought this book at that time and the bookseller should tell the same this time because it was not bought during their tenure.

Let us tell you that there is an allegation of inciting students against a particular sect by six professors in the Government Law College. In this case, a controversial book was found in the library of the college, the author of which is Dr. Farhat Khan. The title of the book is Collective Violence and the Criminal Justice System and it contains a lot of controversial stuff. Targeting the Hindu community, such things have been written in the book, due to which religious frenzy can spread. This matter is continuously heating up and today large-scale demonstrations are also taking place in the college regarding this.

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