Indore: Holkari turban and tunic dominated the FIFA World Cup, branding of Indore is being done. Holkari turban and tunic dominate FIFA World Cup, branding of Indore in a unique way


Indore : In the FIFA World Cup, an Indore man has branded Indore in a unique way. Yes, in the ongoing Football World Cup in Doha, Holkar ordered a turban and tunic from a family living in Indore and went to see the FIFA World Cup wearing it. Along with this, a poster with the slogan of Indore was also taken there. After which they are being discussed everywhere. People also took photographs with the man.

And Indore was also branded in a unique way. Clean City Indore is written on the poster and the slogan of Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan is also written on it. The name of the person is Mohan Chauhan, a resident of Indore. In such a situation, he is currently working as a manager in an automobile company in Qatar. He has taken tickets to watch the FIFA World Cup. Mohan has told that my sons said that all the international media keep an eye on the spectators’ gallery of the World Cup. You take advantage of this opportunity and do branding of Indore.

In such a situation, my sons sent Holkari turban and tunic for me from Indore. After which he sat in the audience wearing it. I had also taken the poster along with me. The slogan of Clean City Indore and Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan was written on it, which was attractive for the audience. Not only this, seeing the royal attire, many foreigners took selfies with him. Along with this, people also took information about Indore city. Mohan further told that even though he is away from his city, he did not forget the culture and taste of the place. Many times they order Namkeen from Indore in parcels.

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