Indore: From today onwards, milk has become costlier in Indore, know the price

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Indore, Desk Report. The price of animal feed is increasing continuously. In such a situation, the price of milk is also increasing. Actually, some time back, Amul Sanchi had increased the price of milk by Rs. At the same time, the people of Indore have also got a setback from today. It is being told that from today the price of open milk in Indore has increased by about Rs.

Milk will be costlier by Rs 4 a liter from today. The rising milk price has given a big blow to the pocket of the common man because now milk will be available at Rs 58 a liter from today. In such a situation, most middle class people have suffered the biggest setback. As you all know that a week ago, Amul and Sanchi have increased the price of milk.

The only reason behind this is the rising cost of animal feed. After that the price of loose milk was also increased. Not only milk, due to the increase in the price of milk from today, now the prices of all things like ghee, buttermilk, cheese, curd etc. have increased.

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According to the information, if the officials of Indore Milk Union are to be believed, then these days common man has to go through many problems. Because the water has been filled due to rain, there is no availability of green fodder. At the same time, the price of animal feed is also increasing. Because of this, the price of milk is increasing.

He said that we have decided to purchase milk from fat system to maintain the quality of milk. In such a situation, till now the milk sellers were buying milk at 7.30 paise per fat, but now they will buy milk at 8.00 per fat. Because of this, milk will get costlier by Rs. In such a situation, the milk which was getting Rs 54 per liter, now that milk will be available at the rate of Rs 58 per liter.


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