Indore Crime News: Police investigating on the basis of statements, youth died due to overdose of drugs. Youth died due to drug overdose in Indore, police probing on the basis of statements

indore crime news

Indore Crime News: Recently, a case related to drugs has come to light from Indore. It is being told that an engineer had overdosed on drugs and fell asleep after which he died. This case pertains to the Dwarkapuri police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndore, where a software engineer had a fight with his family members, after which he went to an acquaintance’s place to stay the night. Being under stress, he overdosed on drugs and fell asleep.

When he did not wake up in the morning and the acquaintance came to know that he had died, the police was immediately informed about this. Police reached the spot and recovered the body of the youth and sent it to the hospital for postmortem. At the same time, the marriage was also established. The police is still engaged in the investigation regarding this matter. However, it has not yet been revealed that the young software engineer had a fight with his family over what and why he stayed at his acquaintance’s place.

According to the police, the youth’s name was Sarthak Jaiswal. He was a resident of Vaishali Nagar. He used to work as an engineer in a company in Gujarat. He had come to his house only a few days back. But there was a dispute about something at home, after which he went to stay there with one of his fellow acquaintances. In such a situation, he took many types of drugs along with an injection at night. When the acquaintance asked about this, Sarthak said that he could not sleep, so he takes medicine. But in the morning he did not wake up. So the companion immediately informed the police and the family members about this. Now the police is starting the investigation in this matter on the basis of the statements of the family members.

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