Indore Crime News: Murder of second woman in two days, killed by crushing her head with a stone. Second woman murdered in two days in Indore, killed by crushing her head with a stone

indore crime news

Indore Crime News: Crime is continuously increasing in Indore. Even after all the efforts of the police, the crimes are not taking the name of stopping. A few days back, a woman was murdered by slitting her throat in Indore. At the same time, the case of murder of another woman has come to the fore recently.

It is being told that some miscreants killed a woman by crushing her face with a stone in Raoji Bazar police station area. The woman was 45 years old. As soon as the police got the information about it, the police team reached the spot and started the investigation. Along with this, forensic officers are also engaged in the investigation for the dead body of the woman.

According to the information, the matter is related to Kumawatpura area. Here when people saw the dead body, they immediately informed the police. After which the police team reached Kumawatpura on the spot. During investigation, the woman was identified as Uma alias Radha Pati Chhote Lal. Now the police is looking for CCTV footage to reveal the truth of the incident. Only after that there is a possibility of some disclosure regarding this matter.

However, till now the story of this murder is revolving around unethical activities. According to the information, 34-year-old Vandana Raghuvanshi died a few days back, the mystery behind which is yet to be solved and this has come to the fore. Right now the police is shooting arrows in the dark regarding these matters. Because till now the police have neither received any CCTV footage nor any evidence related to this matter.

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