Indore Crime News: Jeweler of Indore looted crores of rupees to traders, absconded with gold-diamonds and rupees. Indore jeweler slapped crores of traders, absconded with gold-diamonds and money

indore crime news

Indore Crime News: Recently a big news has come out from Indore city. It is being told that a jeweler accused has robbed many traders of Sarafa, Tukoganj, Palasia and Chhatripura by stealing jewelery worth crores of rupees. Actually, the name of the accused is being told as Akshar Soni. It has cheated traders by luring them with profit. Many businessmen have filed complaints against this accused, while many have been saved from complaining about black money.

Akshay Soni absconded with traders’ gold, diamonds and rupees. Its value is being told in crores of rupees. When the businessman reached Akshay Soni’s house, the relatives put up an advertisement for eviction. After which some businessmen reached the police station and got a case of cheating registered. According to the information, Akshay Soni has slapped businessman Prasanna for about 80 lakh rupees. There are some other businessmen who have been defrauded of lakhs of rupees by this accused. Regarding this matter, it has been told by the TI of Chhatripura that Prasanna’s son Sanjay Jain, who is a drug dealer of Malganj intersection.

While registering the complaint, he told that the accused Akshay’s son Manoj Soni, a resident of Royal Heights, is his childhood friend. Akshay previously worked with a diamond merchant in Mumbai. But in 2019 he came to Indore and started his own diamond business. In such a situation, by promising profit, he trapped us. In such a situation, the complainant gave him the money. Akshay got 30 lakhs deposited from the businessman in personal and company accounts. Also took a set of diamonds. But on May 3, he suddenly went missing. After which he was searched a lot but he could not be found.

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