Indore Crime News: Husband killed his wife, hanged himself, got married 4 years ago. Husband killed his wife in Indore, hanged himself, got married 4 years ago

indore crime news

Indore Crime News: Crime cases are continuously increasing in Indore. Police is also trying a lot to prevent crime, but even after that people are not backing down from committing crimes. One or the other crime case is being heard every day. Recently, the news of a crime has come to the fore from Indore. It is being told that a mason killed his wife in Lasudia police station area. Not only this, after committing the murder, he himself hanged himself.

Yes, this heart-wrenching incident has happened in Arandiya village on Sunday evening. Here a mason who is originally from Shivpuri first killed his wife with a vegetable cutting knife and then hanged himself on the ceiling fan. When the police came to know about this matter, the team reached the spot and investigated. During this, the police noticed that blood was oozing from the throat of the woman and the youth was hanging. The name of the deceased youth was Sunil and his wife’s name was Mamta, whose age was 27 years.

When the police went to the spot and saw, it was estimated that there was a dispute between the two over some issue, after which the husband angrily slit the wife’s throat with a vegetable knife. After that he hanged himself. Police have seized knife, mobile from the spot. There are traces of blood on the knife. When the police investigated the matter, it came to light that Sunil and Mamta were married 4 years back. Sunil used to work as a mechanic. Police has not recovered any suicide note from the spot. Right now the police is questioning the people around. At the same time, investigation is going on regarding this matter.

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