Indore Crime News: Accountant cheated a woman liquor trader, stole 60 crores from her account. Accountant cheated a woman liquor trader in Indore, stole Rs 60 crore from her account

indore crime news

Indore Crime News: Recently a big news has come out from Indore city. It is being told that 60 crore rupees have been transferred from the account of the woman liquor trader. For which the woman businessman has filed a case against her accountant. Regarding this matter, the woman has accused the accountant and said that she has bought shares and property by withdrawing money. Not only this, he has transferred crores of rupees to his own and relatives’ accounts. Now the police is looking for the accused regarding this matter. Along with this, other people are also being searched. The police have seriously started investigating this matter.

According to the information, Vijayanagar TI Ravindra Singh has registered a case against her accountant Yogendra Singh Rajput on the complaint of female businessman Vaishali Akash Shivhare. It is reported that Vaishali is the owner of a liquor company by the name of Shivhare Beer and Wine. He also has an office at Princes Business Park, AB Road. Accountant Yogendra Singh used to work in his office, so all the information related to Vaishali Shivhare’s bank remained with Yogendra Singh only. He had the passwords of the accounts, his account numbers, everything.

Taking advantage of this, the accountant transferred Rs 60 crore from the accounts. It is being said that other people are also involved with Yogendra in this case. When Vaishali Shivhare came to know about this matter and extracted the information, it came to light that 30 crores were transferred from her own account. Not only this, digital evidence has also been tampered with. Giving information to the police, Vaishali has told that some rupees have also been deposited in Zerodha demat account. In such a situation, the accountant has bought shares and properties with this money. Vaishali has also given the account of the transfer along with the account information to the police.

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